Causes Of Migraines

Causes Of Migraines

Migraines more often than not tend to affect any individuals nervous system. Unlike headaches, migraines are more intense and they occur more frequently as compared to headaches. Their mode of occurrence follows a certain pattern that the individual will relate to with time. A person with migraines might feel disoriented and dizzy like they are intoxicated or something. Migraines affect a part of the brain and the area the migraines affect are quite specific. An individual suffering from migraines can however relax as painkillers and subsequent migraine treatments do exist that will help in seeing to it the affected is relieved of the symptoms and discomforting feelings that come with migraines.

iStock_000016874953_ExtraSmallThe major causes of migraines vary from very simple behaviors that any infected tends to have as their habit, to more complex symptoms that might seem out of hand for the infected. The main difference between migraines and headaches being that a person who has headaches can go about their day to day activities with the headaches unlike migraines. Migraines are much intense and the individual will really have a hard time trying to cope with the pain that they cause. A person with migraines might feel nauseated and more often than not they become sensitive to light or noises. They cannot stand the light and the simple noises that might intensify the migraines.

Doctors have no known explanation as to what causes the migraines but they can control the migraines as it affects the brain and they know which part of the brain it affects. The brain being quite complex in its structure knowledge of its operations cannot be fully understood by any given individual. Its complex nature makes it quite sensitive, and doctors cannot just go about testing for the causes of migraines not knowing the effects it might cause to the  affected individual. There exist a lot of theories to the cause of migraines with no specific details to back up the theories.

The major theory that attempts to explain the cause of migraines being they are caused by a blood vessel in the brain becoming very thin or large. The change in size of the blood vessel causes the migraines as the brain tends to adjust to the change that it was not used to before. Other theories tend to explain that some certain foods might cause migraines if the infected is not keen enough in identifying the food that suite their system best. The blood vessels being in the nervous system and the nervous system being the main venture of feelings, the specified individual will have uncomfortable pain.


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