Insights into Holistic Medicine

holistic-pain-relief-sanibel-wellness-stone-iconSome people may find that this is a new term – the holistic medical treatment – but the holistic medicine is much older than the medicine that we know of today. Its principles are based in the wisdom of ancient Indian and Chinese civilizations, in the human’s common self that forbids doctors to hurt or to make harm when they wish to heal a living being. This is the first principle, the first law of the medicine, enunciated by Hippocrates as the base of any healing method.

The holistic medicine respects this law first. It is often called the Naturopathic Medicine, or Integrative Medicine. The term, holistic, comes from the Greek language, where it means, holos, or a whole, as the holistic medicine treats the person as a whole, which is a principle often overlooked in the classic medicine.

herbal-medicineSometimes, the doctors seem to forget that every part is in connection with the whole, and that each cell depends on the whole organism to function; when this happens, they address only a certain organ or body part.

The Principles of Holistic Medicine

The first principle is not to make harm – Primum non nocere. Thre are used non-invasive methods that minimize the risk of secondary effects, except the case when urgent interventions are required.

Holistic Addiction TreatmentThe healing power of the nature – Vis medicatrix naturae – the nature has the power to heal. This means that the body also has the power to heal itself. The holistic medicine only improves and sustains the power of healing that can be found within any human being, by methods, techniques and remedies that are in harmony with the natural processes.

Find and remove the cause – Tolle causam. It is believed that every illness has a cause – it can be related to the lifestyle, the food, the emotional state or the habits of the person. The holistic medicine finds out and removes those causes; otherwise, there cannot be a real healing.

thinnerTreat the person as a whole. This means that the human being is more than just the sum of his components, as this is what sets us apart from machines and computers. The human being should be taken into consideration as a whole, whenever the doctor searches for side effects of illnesses.

The preventive medicine. It is usually much easier to prevent something that to treat the illness. This is one of the reasons why some principles of life should always be followed to the letter – this can improve the healing process and it can also keep away illnesses and diseases.

The Wellness. It is believed that the medicine should not treat only the illness, or postpone death, but the medicine should improve the quality of life for the patient, in all representative area of a person – physically, emotionally, mentally and spiritually.

holistic-medicine-liability-insuranceThe doctor should be a teacher – Docere. The relationship between doctor and patient is essential for healing. The word doctor comes from the Latin, docere, which means teacher. Because of this, one of the rules of the holistic medicine is to teach and educate the patients, so that he can assume the responsibility for the healing process.


Sometimes, the doctors will prescribe only western medication in trying to treat one organ or one disease. The truth is that this is never enough, as any medication can harm another part of your body – for example if you take medication for flu, your stomach can be affected by the antibiotics, resulting in unpleasant side effects and also possible digestive illnesses.

The holistic medical treatment and principles will be able to prevent all these side effects, as the medication is given with care and a thorough analysis of the cause and symptoms of the patient’s illness.

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